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Mark Reynolds comes a "Strong 3rd" in Last-Man Race

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Thanks for your efforts!

Mark Reynolds and Chone Figgins
All-Star Dream Ticket '09

Ok, I just discovered you can't update the date/time on a fanshot, so there's no way to keep it atop the front-page. Hence, we're going with this story instead. We have followed the lead of Sutton and Grace and are backing Chone Figgins of the Angels for the AL spot, so please check his spot off too - we have asked their fans over at Halos Heaven to reciprocate and vote for Reynolds on the other half of their ballot. However, in the interests of fairness and neutrality, here's a photo of Pablo Sandoval diving into base.


Really, folks: is that what you want representing the National League? Oh? You think I'm joking? Click here then. [2.6 Mb animated gif, opens in new window]. Those pesky grains of infield dirt - they'll get you every time...