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Gameday Thread, #81: 4/7 vs. Rockies


Yusmeiro Petit
RHP, 0-3, 8.03


Aaron Cook
RHP, 8-3, 3.77

First things first: tomorrow is scheduled to be a spot-starter on the recap, so if anyone is still interested in writing about the team, speak up in the comments and let me now. It's a Dan Haren start, so the Diamondbacks might not suck as much as usual.

Today marks the end of my month of sobriety. I usually try to knock off the alcohol for a month each year, give my liver a chance to recover - this year, it was June, but I got out of the habit of drinking, so it carried over a bit into July. However, Mrs. SnakePit came back from the supermarket today with a twelve-pack of Blue Moon, and I will be taking full advantage of it during this afternoon's start. To borrow a quote - and bonus points if you know what film this is from - "My advice to you, is to start drinking heavily."

The reason for this is simple. Petit has the highest home-run rate among pitchers with 150+ career innings pitched. Not "active" pitchers: that's all pitchers in the entire history of baseball. He's the only one above two per nine IP, at a rate of 2.14. Sending him to start in Coors Field therefore seems like... well, to borrow a quote from another movie:
"This is madness!"
"Madness? This is your 2009 Diamondbacks!"


1. Stephen Drew SS
2. Alex Romero LF
3. Justin Upton RF
4. Mark Reynolds 3B
5. Miguel Montero C
6. Gerardo Parra CF
7. Chad Tracy 1B
8. Augie Ojeda 2B
9. Yusmeiro Petit P

Interesting line-up. No Young and no Lopez, perhaps the two most obvious targets for Reynolds' carefully-chosen words in last night's post-game comments. Drew moves back to lead-off, in Felipe's absence. We'll see what effect Special K's diatribe had on his team-mates. I'll be watching with interest, but reserve the right to get completely drunk and not produce a very coherent recap.