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Trade Deadline Partner or Not? #1: Cincinnati Reds

In the interests of more informed discussion as we head towards the trade deadline, there's been an effort among the SB Nation baseball sites to provide some information for each team, from which we can work. The aim is to provide a more factual basis - upon which we can then base the usual groundless speculation. Ok, this will work better than it sounds, but it should hopefully help to avoid any "OMG! We can so get Greinke from the Royals for Eric Byrnes!"-type posts.

We start where we finished, as it were, with Joel from Red Reporter telling us what the Cincinnati Reds could use. After the last series against the Diamondbacks, you will not be surprised to hear that pitching is low on their list of priorities. Details after the jump.

Buyers or Sellers - if they are trading, they are likely to be buyers as they don't have much veteran presence to sell off.

Short-term need - the Reds are in desperate need of some offensive help. Shortstop is the weakest position, but I think they would take an outfielder with a superior bat as well.

Long-term need - Shortstop again.  The Reds have no real prospective everyday shortstops in the system, at least not any that can hit.  They are also thin at catcher and like most teams could use some pitching depth in the minors.

Big Leaguers on the market - Anybody want Bronson Arroyo?  If the Reds fall out of it, they could provide teams with some bullpen help in the form of Arthur Rhodes and David Weathers, both of whom have been lights out this year.  If he hadn't been hurt all season, I'd say that Edwin Encarnacion could potentially be available since the Reds have some depth at 3B in the minors.  Again, if they are sellers, role players like Laynce Nix, Johnny Gomes, or Chris Dickerson could be available.  There is talk amongst Reds fans of trading Aaron Harang, but I just don't see that happening.

Minor league strength - 3B/OF.  The Reds don't have any real superstar potential in the minors, but I think they could package a couple of players together and make a pretty sweet deal.  What they lack in peak value, they make up for with depth, so they could throw in an extra prospect that other teams might not be able to do.  Whether they would actually do that is another question all together.

Take on short-term money to win? I don't think so.  The Reds were in on the Mark DeRosa deal before the Cardinals won out and it sounded like the $3+ million he was owed was around their max that they would acquire.  I have a feeling that like most teams, the Reds are tight on the budget right now.

Diamondbacks' perspective. Doesn't sound like they would have much need for Davis or Garland, our most obvious trading-chips at this point - despite the presence of Arroyo, they're pretty solid there, and the strong bullpen will cover up a lot of deficiencies. Our obvious short-stop, Stephen Drew, is most unlikely to be going anywhere, and is borderline untouchable. Doesn't look likely to be a good fit for anything major here, unless we can swap Adam Dunn back for Micah Owi... Oh. Never mind...