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Employment for Luis Gonzalez and Junior Spivey

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News about a couple of members of the 2001 Diamondbacks today. Firstly, Luis Gonzalez 'stopped by' Chase Field yesterday afternoon, and discussed possible future employment with the team. Cue immediate pants-wetting in the comments on AZ Central, and demands he be made manager...from, it appears, the same people who shredded AJ Hinch for his lack of managerial experience. Insert eye-rolling here. While I'm sure Gonzalez can have a role in the front office, I don't currently see any intent of this to be in the coaching side, though once he's come to terms with his playing career being over, I wouldn't be at all surprised. PR, possibly some work as an occasional color commentator, I think that's the most likely route at this point.

Still playing, on the other hand, is Junior Spivey, who signed a contract to play for the Tucson Toros - and his debut could hardly have gone any better, getting a walk-off winning hit in his debut last night. I must admit, my first thought on hearing of this was, "Is he still playing?" The Diamondbacks' most-unlikely MVP candidate - he was 14th in the 2002 balloting - was last seen in the majors at the tail-end of 2005, with the Nationals. He was with the Cardinals' in 2006, though never got out of Triple-A, and played indie ball in 2007, doing well enough to get a deal with Pawtucket, the Red Sox AAA afiliate. He stayed in the area this year, playing for the Camden Riversharks, but the move to Tucson will get him closer to home - believe he lives in Chandler.