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Trade or error? Is Rene Tosoni an Arizona Diamondback?

As pointed out by thrylos98, the Diamondbacks roster lists Twins prospect Rene Tosoni on it as an infielder. I am not sure if this is an error or the first news of a trade. I suspect it may be the former, since the roster has 26 names on it - so I'm thinking someone at clicked the wrong button somehow.  I am also not seeing any reports elsewhere concerning this apparent move. However, I am posting it here, in case it turns out to be more significant.

Tosoni was with the Twins' Double-A affiliate and was just named MVP of the All-Star Futures Game, hitting the go-ahead double for the World team in the seventh inning. He was batting .278/.387/.480 in Double-A as an outfielder, mostly in RF.

[Update] And he's gone back to Minnesota - or, at least, he's not with Arizona any longer! So, looks like this was just a simple glitch in the machine. However, infielder Jorge Vasquez is still listed as being on our roster: I'm guessing this is equally much an error rather than a trade.