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Gameday Thread, #89: 7/12 vs. Marlins


Josh Johnson
RHP, 7-2, 2.82


Doug Davis
LHP, 4-8, 3.13

The win last night gives Jon Garland exactly the same record as Doug Davis, despite Garland having an ERA 1.67 runs higher. DD draws the short straw this afternoon, getting to go up against the Marlins' ace and upcoming All-Star Johnson. JJ has delivered 15 quality starts in his 18 outings this season and hasn't allowed more than three runs in a game since April 18. You have fun with that, Doug. That said, we did beat Johnson in Florida, tagging him with the loss in a 5-3 Arizona victory - we scored all our runs in the seventh. That was also the last game Garland won before yesterday's victory over the Marlins, so that's a good omen.

A win today would be particularly nice, as it would like pull us above the Pirates in the standings. They are currently half a game ahead, but are 5-1 down in the seventh inning against the Phillies. If that holds up, and we do manage to defeat Johnson, we will be another step nearer respectability. [After them, I've got my eyes on the Mets, just four games ahead of us at the time of writing]. I don't expect it to be easy, but if the team plays like they have for the past week - and we can keep the bullpen all but out of action as in the past couple of games - it should be fun.

We're about to head out for lunch - hopefully somewhere with TV - since Mrs. SnakePit has got a gig to run later on, so the usual Sunday pasta will not be possible. I'll thus likely be showing up late in the thread, and trust you to make sure the Marlins are held in check while I'm absent. A fresh, fully-recharged 'Skins will be coming in from the bullpen for the recap, and we're expecting great things. :-)


  1. Felipe Lopez 2B

  2. Stephen Drew SS

  3. Justin Upton RF

  4. Mark Reynolds 3B

  5. Miguel Montero C

  6. Gerardo Parra LF

  7. Chris Young CF

  8. Chad Tracy 1B

  9. Doug Davis P