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Gameday Thread, #78: 7/1 vs. Reds


Jon Garland
RHP, 4-7, 5.04


Johnny Cueto
RHP, 8-6, 5.54

And the calendar turns to July. Let's hope the results for the Diamondbacks this month are a little better than June's 9-17 - though that bald statistic conceals some interesting numbers, which I'll be writing about this evening, while Azreous does the recap. Looks like a bit of an uneven match-up here, with Cueto (career ERA vs. Arizona, 2.37) going up against Garland, who had one of his 'bad' outings in May against Cincinnati, giving up seven runs and having to be bailed out before getting through four innings.

If only we could play eight Uptons, since he's the only one who really had a handle on Cueto - he's 3-for-6, with all three hits being for extra-bases, and two leaving the park. Parra and, of all people, Augie Ojeda, have also gone deep off Cueto, but overall, the current Diamondbacks are batting sub-Uecker, having gone 9-for-46 combined agsinst the Reds' pitcher. In contrast, Cincinnati are hitting .351 off Garland, with Brandon Phillips (6-for-14, five for extra-bases) leading the hit parade.

Good news about Brandon Webb not needing surgery, though part of me grumbles about having done all that research into labrums, needlessly. :-) Here's to him making a triumphant return in September and performing in such a way as to make picking up his 2010 option a lock, as it was before this season began.


  1. Felipe Lopez 2B

  2. Stephen Drew SS

  3. Justin Upton RF

  4. Mark Reynolds 3B

  5. Gerardo Parra LF

  6. Chris Young CF

  7. Miguel Montero C

  8. Chad Tracy 1B

  9. Jon Garland P

Tracy gets his first action since coming back off the DL, with Reynolds returning to third-base. Otherwise, business pretty much as usual for the line-up. Finally, some audio from Dan Haren on the Doug and Wolf show this morning.

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620