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Gameday Thread, #55: 6/4 vs. Padres


Doug Davis
LHP, 2-6, 3.65


Chad Gaudin
RHP, 2-3, 4.76

Our hitters must have been very bad in a previous life or something, because they are 'rewarded' with a four-game series against San Diego at Petco, where offenses go to die. Just what we need given our current sixteen-inning scoreless streak - the Diamondbacks haven't got anyone across home-plate since Upton's grand-slam in the second game of the series against the Dodgers.

That said, Petco is also the ideal place for the team to extend an unwanted major-league position. Eight times this year, our starter has been tagged with an L, when allowing two earned runs or less. While these will happen to every team over the course of a season, no-one else has more than six of these uber-tough losses, and the average so far is only three per franchise. Tonight seems like a good chance to extend the run, with Doug Davis, who is the best worst pitcher in the league, taking the mound for Arizona.

By that, I mean, of all losing pitchers in the NL who've pitched 35+ innings, he has the best ERA. And it's not even close, since Doug is the only one with an ERA below four. The good news is, we did slap Gaudin about a couple of weeks ago, taking him for seven runs in 5.1 innings on May 25th. Admittedly, that was in the friendly confines of Chase, not the cavernous wastes of PetCo, but it's better than being one-hit. We'll see what happens. Line-up, etc. to follow shortly...


  1. Lopez 2B
  2. Parra LF
  3. Upton RF
  4. Drew SS
  5. Reynolds 1B
  6. Snyder C
  7. Young CF
  8. Ojeda 3B
  9. Davis P