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Gameday Thread, #72: 6/24 vs. Rangers


Vicente Padilla
LHP, 5-3, 4.79


Dan Haren
RHP, 6-4, 2.23

Well, we got the bulk of the stuff shifted yesterday, and have three usable rooms in the new place. But still no cable or Internet, Cox having unilaterally re-scheduled our appointment without telling us, and then acting all surprised no-one was there when they called... At the present time it's looking like Friday for their return, so that's when I'll be back on-line for recap purposes, as the only Internet access I have meantime is at work. So I can do GDTs, and I've got a couple of other pieces in the pipe, but gamewise I will be on radio silence i.e. listening on AM radio and silent, until Cox get their act together. Bit of a shame, as it seemed like a fun, and certainly one of the more populated, GDTs last night.

Tonight's starter for Texas actually broke into the big leagues with Arizona, back in 2000. He only pitched a total of 37.2 innings with us, before being shipped off to the Phillies as part of the trade for Curt Schilling. [Another cog in that deal, Nelson Figueroa, got a spot start for the Mets a couple of months back]. He did make the 2002 All-Star Game, but since then, he's been through the Brewers, Nationals, Pirates and Mets, before ending up in Texas. He's been the beneficiary of some chunky run-support from Texas, getting 5+ in nine of his 12 starts, and all of his wins. I trust Haren will be restricting that end of things tonight with his usual aplomb.


  1. 2B Felipe Lopez

  2. SS Stephen Drew

  3. RF Justin Upton

  4. 3B Mark Reynolds

  5. CF Gerardo Parra

  6. 1B Tony Clark

  7. LF Eric Byrnes

  8. C Miguel Montero

  9. P Dan Haren

Still no Chris Young, though he is available to pinch-hit again. Hinch said he is just being ultra-conservative. He also plans to call the NL All-Star manager Charlie Manuel of the Phillies, perhaps this weekend, and lobby for Haren (a "lock" according to Hinch), Upton and Reynolds. Fundamentals were the order of the day, with the team working on relays, throws, and fielding before BP. AJ says they will do this once a homestand, pointing out that this comes on the heels of a fairly solid defensive effort last night. Audio clippage is below, along with Hinch on KTAR from yesterday.

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620

Also want to plug MLB Daily Dish, our new SB Nation baseball blog for info on trade speculation and other news and rumors: definitely one to add to your daily browsing list. It'll be Azreous on the recap tonight, as I now climb into the Tardis and head back a century or two. Maybe I should pick up some candles on the way home...