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Gameday Thread, #70: 6/21 vs. Mariners


Doug Davis
LHP, 3-8, 3.72


Felix Hernandez
LHP, 7-3, 2.77

Going underground for a bit... Well, actually, the move to the new SnakePit Towers is approaching its culmination, carefully arranged around the Diamondbacks schedule. Or something like that. Dahlian is on the recap tonight [it may be a little late due to Fathers' Day stuff], and it's an off-day for Arizona tomorrow, though I have already scheduled a piece to pop up in the morning, which will give you something to talk about. Tuesday... Well, we'll see, but 'Charmer is on standby to post the Gameday Thread, and I may need to invoke 'Skins debt to cover that recap, depending on how complete we are with regard to moving. Overall - not going to be about much for the next couple of days.

Much like the Diamondbacks' offense then, as we've been getting a taste of why the Mariners' pitching staff has the lowest ERA in the American League. And things don't get any easier today, with their staff ace, King Felix, taking the mound for Seattle, as they go for their second consecutive series sweep over Arizona, having won the past six games between the teams. Up to Doug Davis to stop them, and going by this season, he needs a shutout to do so. Yes - his only three wins in 2009, have been a result of Doug posting nothing but zeroes. Allow even a single run, earned or unearned, and his record is 0-8 in eleven starts.


  1. Felipe Lopez 2B

  2. Stephen Drew DH

  3. Justin Upton RF

  4. Mark Reynolds 3B

  5. Gerardo Parra CF

  6. Miguel Montero C

  7. Tony Clark 1B

  8. Eric Byrnes LF

  9. Augie Ojeda SS + DavisP

Oh, dear... No Young; no Snyder; Tony Clark. It doesn't feel like we are really trying too hard to win this one, does it? And Eric Byrnes is not currently my favorite player having caught up with his post-catch dive on the warning track in yesterday's game. Described by, what can only be very kindly, as "a great diving grab." Sure... Alright. See you folks on Tuesday. Play nice!