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Gameday Thread, #53: 6/2 vs. Dodgers


Dan Haren
RHP, 4-4, 2.54


Randy Wolf
RHP, 3-1, 2.84

I hope tonight's game isn't as...interesting as last night. I want this, purely for selfish reasons - the game is already starting late, at 7:10pm Arizona time, and last night's didn't end until nearly 10:30pm. Add in there being rather too much to talk about after Peña's near-implosion in the ninth, and I didn't get the recap up until almost midnight. Tonight, we're at IZW at The Sets, and the wifi was out last time, so if that hasn't been fixed, I won't even be starting until we get home. Hence, a boring, uneventful, ten-run victory for the Diamondbacks, meriting nothing more than a couple of paragraphs, would be just the ticket.

Might not be that easy, however. Wolf basically owned the Diamondbacks when we faced him in April, pitching seven innings of one-run ball, allowing only two hits in that time. On the other hand, we have Dan Haren going for us, which gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling of optimism, the baseball equivalent of a fluffy blanket and mug of hot chocolate. I do tend to think Wolf has been way overperforming this year, and a sharp correction is in order. Tonight would be fine.

Whether there'll be any further updates depends on the wifi at The Sets. If not, the next thing you'll hear from me will be the recap!


  1. Lopez - 2B
  2. Roberts - 3B
  3. Upton - RF
  4. Reynolds - 1B
  5. Byrnes - LF
  6. Young - CF
  7. Snyder - C
  8. Ojeda - SS
  9. Haren - P

An all-righty lineup vs Wolf tonight, so Parra and Drew get the night off. On the LA side, Martin gets the night off due to poor numbers against Haren.