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Gameday Thread, #64: 6/14 vs. Astros

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Brian Moehler
RHP, 2-4, 6.95


Billy Buckner
RHP, 2-2, 6.75

Sunday afternoon game, and am looking forward to a nice, relaxing day. Let's hope the Diamondbacks do their part, by smacking Moehler around in a manner befitting his status as a rotation rear-end starter. Not that Billy Buckner deserves very much more respect, since his two starts at Chase have been disasters of such epic proportion, Michael Bay has bought the film rights. Twenty hits in 10.2 innings, resulting in thirteen earned runs? Need a lot better than that from him today if we're going to have a chance of taking the win and the series.

Interesting, optimistic piece on the Diamondbacks from Paola Boivin in the Republic today: D-Backs on right track despite losses, pointing out the differences between us and the Astros, despite both teams having the same number of wins coming into Saturday's contest - such as that their starting lineup was an average of 6.5 years older than ours. Here's probably the key paragraph:

These are facts that scream patience for the Diamondbacks, not complete overhaul. Do you really want another Carlos Quentin scenario? Do you really want to take a risk on a collection of overpriced veterans? Spending big on established names was a good idea during the early years of this franchise, when this team was trying to establish an identity, but not now. Sticking with the promise - even if it means weathering games such as this, with nine runners left on base and Stephen Drew striking out to end the game - is the better option.

She also points out that the difference between this season and last is largely one thing: Brandon Webb. At this point in 2008, who had eleven victories at this point in 2008 and a 2.58 ERA. Contrast the trio of Webb replacements, Buckner, Yusmeiro Petit and Bryan Augenstein, who have combined for two wins and a 6.67 ERA. That's the seven-game change in record, and more, right there. As the trade deadline approaches, we can get round to discussing the specifics, but I don't expect the core of this team to depart.


  1. Felipe Lopez 2B
  2. Eric Byrnes LF
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Stephen Drew SS
  5. Mark Reynolds 3B
  6. Chris Young CF
  7. Josh Whitesell 1B
  8. Chris Snyder C
  9. Billy Buckner P