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This week around the SB Nation

It's kinda easy for us to become somewhat insular as fans, and I want to try and keep us (somewhat!) informed about what's going on elsewhere in the league. So, I've taken a trawl around the other 32 sites in the SB Nation baseball network [one for each team plus the three general sites], and picked the story from the past week on each that caught my attention. That's a pretty broad term: it might be a piece of team news; an interesting game recap; a well-written piece of analysis; an interesting debate in the comments; whatever. 

I'm not promising this will be a weekly column - it may last no longer than today, since I had to be dropped off at work an hour before my scheduled start. But if time permits, it might be fun. All links open in a new tab, so you can click away, read the piece, then close the tab and be right back here. We care about your surfing experience here at AZ SnakePit...

See you after the jump for this week's selections.

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