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Gameday Thread, #52: 6/1 vs. Dodgers


Hiroki Kuroda
RHP, 1-0, 1.59


Billy Buckner
RHP, 1-1, 7.16

Normal service has been resumed [or as "normal" as we ever get here!], with Cox finally restoring service to us late this morning. Initially, this was going to involve them sending a technician out on Thursday - however, Mrs. SnakePit called down a jihad on their supervisor's ass, and hey presto, five minutes later all our services were fully restored. How did that happen? To borrow a quote, "If you want to get anything done in this country you've got to complain till you're blue in the mouth."

Speaking of dead parrots, the Diamonbacks' season rolls on with three games against the Los Angeles Dodgers - the loss of Ramirez has slowed, but hardly stopped them from rolling on. They were 21-8 before Mandy's enforced vacation, and have gone 14-9 since, boosting them to an 8.5 game lead in the NL West - quite easily the largest in the majors, with the next-biggest being the 4.5 games of the Rangers. And, to make things worse for the rest of us, they get their Opening Day starter back off the DL, just in time to take the mound against us.

Meanwhile, we send out our #5 guy, Billy Buckner, so I can't say I feel too confident about our chances in this game. However, we saw yesterday afternoon [well, those of you who didn't have their cable disabled, thanks to an administrative error by the Cox suckers, saw...] that anything is possible in this game. We'll need to get our hitting shoes back on and see if we can win for the first time at Dodger Stadium in eight attempts. Lineup and stuff to follow later, but we're catching up with the Tivo'd stuff we should have watched over the weekend. MI-5 is up next...


  1. Lopez - 2B
  2. Parra - LF
  3. Upton - RF
  4. Drew - SS
  5. Reynolds - 3B
  6. Montero - C
  7. Young - CF
  8. Whitesell - 1B
  9. Buckner - P

Upton back in the lineup; Drew back in the four hole; Whitesell gets the start at first.