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Gameday Thread, #50: 5/31 vs. Braves


Kris Medlen
RHP, 0-2, 9.72


Max Scherzer
LHP, 2-3, 3.38

Aargh. Details to follow nearer first pitch, but for the moment, let's just stick with: Aargh.

[Edited by snakecharmer] Since, Jim is AWOL with no internet or television (the horror), I figured I should put something more than that!

Today, Max Scherzer once again aims to go somewhere no Max has gone before - 3 wins. Max earned his first win against these Braves two weeks ago in the 12-0 pounding. This will be his third time facing the Atlanta team - he pitched a few innings of relief last year - and he hasn't allowed a run against them yet. If he can keep that up, we should be in good shape, because offense hasn't been the downfall this series - a win with 5 runs on Thursday; normally 6 runs would be enough for a win, but it wasn't Friday; and a 3-run comeback on Saturday. Let's hope Max has enough good stuff to get him through at least 6 innings, because as good as the bullpen was yesterday, I don't know if that's a repeatable feature two days in a row. And if the offense wants to show up before the 7th inning, that'd be great!

For the finale, we face young Kris Medlen. That 0-2 record and high ERA doesn't look good - but we know the Diamondbacks have a tendency to make bad pitchers look good. His ERA comes from allowing 13 runs in 14 innings of work. If Arizona can put some good at-bats on him, they should be able to score early and often - he has a tendency to give up big-run innings.

We are already guaranteed a series split, and while in previous weeks that would be acceptable, this team knows it needs to win. Let's play some baseball!

[Edited again by Jim] Well, there we were last night, around 8:30 pm, when our cable box suddenly decided it was 'Not Authorized,' and to 'Please call.' We did: turns out Cox decided that we had moved to SnakePit Towers v2.0 - we had requested this a while back, but called to cancel the move, as it was taking longer than expected. However, even though they hadn't - oh, I dunno - installed anything in the new place, they still decided to disconnect our existing service.

And, thought they were capable of unplugging our cable and Internet at 8:30 pm on a Friday night, it was not possible to get it reactivated, for "24-48 hours." Hence, this is coming to you from the food-court at Paradise Valley Mall. Fortunately, 'Skins is on the recap, and at least yesterday's day game meant I got that recap up! Should hopefully be back tomorrow - if not, I leave you to the tender mercies of 'Charmer and 'Skins. I will now be going back off the grid, and returning to the house, hopefully before society there collapses into a state of anarchy and chaos. I'll have to see if I can dig out my DVD of Mad Max...


  1. Lopez - 2B
  2. Ojeda - 3B
  3. Parra - RF
  4. Reynolds - 1B
  5. Drew - SS
  6. Byrnes - LF
  7. Young - CF
  8. Snyder - C
  9. Scherzer - P