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Gameday Thread, #49: 5/29 vs. Braves


Jair Jurrjens
RHP, 4-2, 2.07


Jon Garland
RHP, 4-3, 4.70

I was going to start this thread by comparing the Atlanta starting pitcher to a minor, much-despised character from the Star Wars universe, but I don't want to provide any bullettin-board fodder for the Braves. Let's just say, if we win tonight's game, you know which direction the recap is going.


  1. 2B Roberts
  2. LF Parra
  3. RF Upton
  4. SS Drew
  5. 3B Reynolds
  6. CF Young
  7. 1B Tracy
  8. C Snyder
  9. P Garland

Looks like Hinch took dahlian's advice somewhat to heart., with Ojeda sitting this one out, and Reynolds moving back to third. No sign of Whitesell getting called back up, but no great surprise to learn that Lopez Felipe Lopez is still not be gound in the line-up, though is supposed to run the bases today. Hinch said, "I want to be really convinced he's right," adding that a trip to the DL was never contemplated.

Daniel Schlererh gets a call to join the big boys, another Mobile man who gets to skip Double-A, with Doug Slaten going North to Reno. Schlereth said he got the call last night, arrived in Phoenix just after noon, and has "no words to describe" the feeling. However, his entire family will be flying in from Colorado to watch his debut this weekend. While replacing Slaten, Hinch's comments suggest he won't just be a LOOGY. Here's more from Hinch, and Schlereth too.

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620

Not sure how much I will be in the Gameday Thread tonight. I will be at home, but am going to be moving boxes into the 'pod' that is now parked in our driveway, so opportunities to comment will be limited. Still, looks like 'Skins is back, so we should have no shortage of chit-chat!