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Gameday Thread, #44: 5/24 vs. A's


Jon Garland
RHP, 4-2, 4.72


Josh Outman
LHP, 1-0, 3.31

Everyone in the NL West won yesterday, so the victory didn't gain us any actual ground there - it sure did taste good, however. I was joking when I said we wouldn't need to watch the first six innings of Arizona games any longer - but, much like the power of St. Penelope, I am close to being turned into a true believer now. To steal a line from some guy or other, "Anybody... Anytime... Any deficit." For a team (and manager) written off by all the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity, they're sure playing well, and don't seem to have given up on the season.

This paragraph marks the first time in 2009, we have even been able to contemplate the following possibility, so bold-font, please. Today, we go for the sweep. Regardless of whether we achieve it or not this afternoon, this has been a very, very successful road-trip, with two series wins and a split. But if we can complete things with a victory, it'll be even better, since it will be the Diamondbacks' first sweep on the road since July last season in San Francisco - sixteen such chances ago.

Garland bounced back very nicely, with six innings of one-run ball against Florida, and we'll be looking for more of the same today. Outman has only seen one decision in six starts so far, but allowed only one run over his last two, and 12 innings, with a very credible May ERA of 2.42. I suppose I should go into more depth on this, but I can smell bacon wafting from the kitchen, so feel free to go look up more information on him yourself. :-)


  1. Roberts 3B
  2. Parra RF
  3. Upton DH
  4. Drew SS
  5. Reynolds 1B
  6. Snyder C
  7. Byrnes LF
  8. Ojeda 2B
  9. Young CF - Garland P

Reynolds moves back to first against the left-hander, with Roberts getting the start on the other corner. Upton is DH-ing, with Parra moving over to cover right, and Byrnes back from DH in to left. Ojeda gets the start at second, Lopez's hamsters presumably still bothering him.

And with that, to bacon...