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v3.0 Gameday Thread, #38: 5/19 vs. Marlins


Jon Garland
RHP, 3-2, 5.18


Josh Johnson
RHP, 3-0, 2.50

The Diamondbacks seek to extend their season-long undefeated streak to four days this evening, albeit by winning only their second game: back-to-back rainouts have resulted in consecutive cancellations. The forecast is perhaps slightly better than it was, but with a 60% chance of rain, still isn't good. But if they can get the game in tonight, they will. Here's to the Marlins ace being just as 'wasted' - in a baseball sense! - as Haren was last night.

Through 6 PM...scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue across the Metro areas of Palm Beach...Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The heaviest showers will occur over the western suburbs of Palm Beach and across the southern Metro areas of Miami. These storms will move north near 10 mph and produce locally heavy rainfall and lightning with minor flooding possible. Rainfall accumulations in the heaviest showers will be near one to two inches.

We'll be keeping an eye on things as we move through the day, which is why this one is going up incredibly early. If the game goes ahead, Jon Garland will be facing the undefeated Josh Johnson, who has proved to be the Marlins' ace. He does have only one victory in the past six starts, but that is mostly due to the teams' offensive struggles - they haven't scored more than four runs in support of him for over a month now. Garland needs to rebound from his poor outing last time, when he was shelled for seven runs in 3.2 innings: he seems to have about one of those awful games a month, so let's hope he's got it out of his system a bit.


  1. Lopez – 2B

  2. Parra – CF

  3. Upton – RF

  4. Drew – SS

  5. Reynolds – 1B

  6. Byrnes – LF

  7. Snyder – C

  8. Ojeda – 3B

  9. Garland – P