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Gameday Thread, #31: 5/10 vs. Nationals


Scott Olsen
LHP, 1-3, 6.54


Max Scherzer
RHP, 0-3, 3.38

I'll keep this one brief, since we're running a little late. Took Mrs. SnakePit out for a spot of Mother's Day brunch - a charming idea apparently shared by every other person on the planet, regardless of motherhood. Today, we try to avoid the sweep against the Nationals, AJ tries to avoid going to 0-3, and Max Scherzer tries to avoid...well, y'know. Let's not dwell on that, shall we? I just hope we play rather better baseball than we have in the first two games, though having lost our last three by a single run each time, we can feel a bit unlucky. Our record in those is 3-5; still rather better than Colorado, however, who are a startling 0-8 there. Anyway, getting swept by the Nationals would be pretty disastrous. Here's to it not happening.

The big news after last night's game is that Brian Augenstein, from Double-A, will be making his major-league debut on Wednesday, replacing the Petit Unit. Augenstein has thrown 34.2 inning for Mobile, with a 0.79 ERA: still, the gap between Double-A and the majors as far as a starting pitcher goes, is not to be under-estimated. We'll see how this goes.


  1. Lopez 2B

  2. Young CF

  3. Upton RF

  4. Reynolds 1B

  5. Byrnes LF

  6. Snyder C

  7. Roberts 3B

  8. Wilson SS

  9. Scherzer/P

So, Lopez is punished for his embarrassing lack of hustle last night by... Getting the start again today. Not impressed by that, shall we say. Probably the most interesting thing is the move of Reynolds over to first-base, with Roberts getting the start at third. Jackson is 'rested' once more with Byrnes occupying LF, and Snyder behind the plate.

Hinch said Reynolds starting at first base today is not going to be business as usual. Conor Jackson has a fever [no word whether the only cure is more cowbell, and facing a lefty, Tracy wasn't going to start - he should get in tomorrow, at 1B or 3B. Augie Ojeda is feeling better and will start at shortstop then too. Hinch said Snyder and Montero will play depending on match-ups and his "gut" feeling, with the aim of keeping both fresh. On the topic of Lopez, Hinch said the issue had been addressed and with a limited bench last night (Ojeda and Jackson not feeling well) Lopez remained in the game. Stephen Drew begins his rehab assignment for Triple-A Reno today, so be good to see him back next week.

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620