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Gameday Thread, #23: 5/1 vs. Brewers


Jon Garland
RHP, 2-1, 5.47


Manny Parra
LHP, 0-4, 6.52

While Manny Parra has, to some extent, been the victim of Harenesque run-support - the Brewers having scored two runs per start for him - you can't look at his stats and see a man whose 0-4 record is entirely unjust. A K:BB ratio of 15:12 is probably the main indication of where his trouble lies; that, and almost half the hits he's allowed having gone for extra bases. Hence, a not-disastrous opponent's batting average of .266, balloons up into an OBP of .363 and a SLG of .468, for an OPS of .831.

Jon Garland pitched into the eighth inning last time against the Giants, before falling victim to Pablo Sandoval's plate indiscipline, swatting a three-run homer on a pitch than no self-respecting hitter should even have swung at. That spoiled what was a rather good outing, though the memory of it is largely lost in Arizona's ninth-inning heroics against Brian Wilson. The one horrendous start is still skewing Garland's numbers significantly; his others have been credible enough, and we've basically got what was expected from Garland.


  1. Lopez 2B

  2. Byrnes LF

  3. Jackson 1B

  4. Reynolds 3B

  5. Upton RF

  6. Young CF

  7. Snyder C

  8. Wilson SS

  9. Garland P

Augie Ojeda out once again, so Wilson gets another start - somewhat curious why Roberts has been forgotten over the past couple of days. Tracy sits, with Jackson moving to first and Byrnes getting the start in left. Usual limitation for me on these mid-West: not much in the way of comments until I get home around six. However, I hope to have a somewhat more productive evening that I did yesterday: there is still rather too much packing to be done. Even though there are now reams of boxes now littering the floor, the amount of 'stuff' left to be packed hardly seems to have dropped... Oh, well...