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Gameday Thread, #3: 4/8 vs. Rockies


Franklin Morales
LHP, 0-0, 0.00


Doug Davis
LHP, 0-0, 0.00

Another 12:40pm start, necessary because both teams need to get away early so that they can reach that incredibly taxing off-day tomorrow, well-rested. Beyond that, the Diamondbacks are staying right here, while the Rockies have a 585-mile flight back home to Denver for Friday's game. So, the point of having this game in the afternoon would be...? It's like we don't want anyone to show up to Chase Field this season or something.

Battle of the crafty lefties today. Well, I don't really know whether Morales is crafty or not, but it's a label that always seem to go with being a southpaw. Paul McCartney; crafty lefty. Leonardo da Vinci: crafty lefty. Jack the Ripper: now, there was a crafty lefty, with a vicious cutter... Morales has been very much a fringe player for Colorado, for whatever reason - five games last season, eight the year before that. I think his control is probably the main reason, since in 64.2 major-league innings, he has walked 31 hitters, a rate which makes Doug Davis look like a master of control. Arizona should be looking to take advantage of that.

Azreous on the recap, and this usually means an interesting game. Though not necessarily a win. Probably won't be about much for this one. Maybe I'll go post on Purple Row instead... :-)

Edit --

Dbacks lineup:

1. 2B Lopez
2. SS Drew
3. CF Young
4. 1B Jackson
5. 3B Reynolds
6. LF Byrnes
7. C Snyder
8. RF Upton
9. SP Davis

Rox lineup:

1. CF Fowler
2. SS Tulowitzki
3. LF Spilborghs
4. 1B Atkins
5. RF Hawpe
6. 3B Jeff Baker
7. 2B Clint Barmes
8. C Yorvit Torrealba
9. SP Morales