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Gameday Thread, #20: 4/28 vs. Cubs


Carlos Zambrano
RHP, 1-1, 4.85


Yusmeiro Petit
RHP, 0-1, 6.00

The Big Z versus the Little P this evening. Not exactly a match-up that makes me brim with confidence, but if the Diamondbacks play the way they did last night, then hey, who knows what might happen? Good at-bats, making the pitcher work, fouling off tough pitches and doing what was necessary with mistakes. Effective aggression on the base-paths, making the most of a catcher who apparently suddenly forgot how to throw people out [even including last night, Soto has nailed 25% of base-stealers in his career]. And a thoroughly dominating, complete-game three-hitter from our starter.

Expecting the same again tonight from the Petit Unit may be a bit much, but the other two aspects are completely within our control. Yusmeiro's two starts thus have been almost identical, lasting five innings each time and allowing three runs - pretty much what you should expect from a back of the rotation starter. The good news is, Dan Haren's complete game last night gave the bullpen a chance to recover from Sunday's 12-inning marathon, and so we should have everyone there back, ready and available for use, including new arm Tom Gordon. On the other hand, the Cubs may have some of their missing players back, too such as Ramirez and Bradley - though on performance this season to date, the latter's presence might be a boon to the Diamondbacks.


  1. 2B Lopez

  2. SS Ojeda

  3. 1B Tracy

  4. 3B Reynolds

  5. LF Jackson

  6. CF Young

  7. C Montero

  8. RF Upton

  9. P Petit

As KTAR's Tyler Bassett points out, it's the all-Venezuelan battery. Would probably not expect as much running tonight: partly because Zambrano isn't as slow to the plate, partly because Geovanny Soto has been replaced by Koyie Hill for tonight's game. Word is Soto was feeling a :-) Augie Ojeda will probably get a day off tomorrow, with Josh Wilson getting a start instead, and Chris Snyder will likely be back in the line-up as well. Here's Bob Melvin's comments before the game.

Audio courtesy of KTAR 620

Please also check out Bleed Cubbie Blue for the view from the visitors' dugout.