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Gameday Thread, #15: 4/22 vs. Rockies


Jorge de la Rosa
LHP, 0-1, 4.50


Dan Haren
RHP, 0-3, 1.89

This morning has evaporated much quicker than expected, so no time to do much in the way of a preview. But if Dan Haren suffers the same fate as in his last three outings, it would be perfectly understandable if the D-backs locker-room after the game resembled the aftermath of a mid-80's Italian zombie flick. Arizona will be trying to avoid their seventh straight loss to a left-handed pitcher: the good news is, the Rockies bullpen is stretched thin after last night, so they may have no option but to leave DLR out there for six innings, regardless of the result. As for our bullpen, I hope not to see them at all today. But if I do...


Day game during the week, so like most wage-slaves, won't be about much. I'll try to schedule my lunch for some point in proceedings, whenever things look interesting.