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Gameday Thread, #14: 4/21 vs. Rockies


Franklin Morales
LHP, 1-0, 1.50


Yusmeiro Petit
RHP, 0-1, 7.71

After last night's markedly improved performance from the D-backs - scoring twice as many runs in one inning, as we did over the entire last series - we try to do something tonight we haven't managed all year to date. Win consecutive games. Yep, thus far we have had five consecutive "streaks" of one win, and if we're to break that this evening, we need to do something else we've been incapable of thus far - beat a left-handed starter. Morales has already defeated Arizona once this season, allowing one run in six solid innings on April 8. He was sent to the minors immediately afterwards, but the Rockies - understandably - have called him back up for another whack at us. Ironically, he pitched against our Triple-A affiliate in Reno during his stay in the minors, and we did win, though had to do so against the bullpen.

We send up Yusmeiro Petit to make his second start of the season - last time, he was somewhat unfortunate yo allow three runs in five innings. Petit was the victim of an inexplicable scoring decision when a ball went through Reynolds' legs, yet was not scored an error. His last start was skipped, but he came back on short rest after Jon Garland got slapped about, though didn't fair much better than the starter. The usual guidelines apply for Petit's start: try and avoid giving up too many homers. Or, at least, try and avoid giving up too many homers with men on base.

We will continue with the ongoing theme of threatening violence to adorable, small animals, in the name of encouraging the Diamondbacks' offense. No specific run number is involved in tonight's illustration - just a general threat. We appreciate your attention in this matter. And so do the kittens.


We finally caved and got a new SnakePitMobile today, the old one having arrived at the ballpark last night literally fountaining coolant out of the engine. Never a good sign... And with today the first 100-degree day [welcome to Arizona, 'charmer!], the odds of overheating only get worse... So Mrs. SnakePit has spent most of the morning filing paperwork at the dealer, and we should be heading to The Sets tonight in a shiny Kia. With it being IZW, I'll thus be Gameday Threaded rather than viewing on TV, so nice, descriptive play-by-plays will be welcome. Especially for any pop-ups. :-)

Brandon Webb threw a bullpen session before batting practice today, and according to manager Bob Melvin, looked good doing so. He threw pitches, fastballs and change-ups - the plan is to throw another bullpen on Friday, and see how Webb feels at that point. Montero gets his first back-to-back starts since early September, as a reward for his "nice game"last night. Drew gets another day off though, as yesterday, is available to pinch-hit. Melvin said our shortstop "probably could play" but they'll hold him back one more game - Drew said he expects to be in the lineup tomorrow.

And a quick thank-you to Steve Gilbert, who popped in to the SnakePit, in order to clarify his comments on the Dan Haren 'emotion' issue. That post has just fallen off the front-page, so figured it deserved a re-link.


  1. Lopez 2B
  2. Ojeda SS
  3. Jackson 1B
  4. Reynolds 3B
  5. Young CF
  6. Byrnes LF
  7. Upton RF
  8. Montero C
  9. Petit P