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Gameday Thread, #11: 4/18 vs. Giants


Doug Davis
LHP, 0-2, 4.15


Tim Lincecum
RHP, 0-1, 7.56

Let's see:
Worst start since 2003. Check
Facing the reigning Cy Young winner. Check
With our least reliable starter, who lost both his outings to date. Check
Yep, looks like there is only one thing that can possible save the Diamondbacks.

Help us, Obi-Wan Penelope. You're our only hope...

The above is the very picture which created the St. Penelope of the Cross cult, breaking up a Padres no-hitter, within seconds of being posted in a July 2007 Gameday Thread. If its mojo is unable to bail out the Diamondbacks this afternoon, then maybe - just maybe - Rox Girl is right about the 'sinking feeling 'thing. [Not that I'd ever admit it, of course.] Though on the other hand, while researching past starts, I found Arizona has got off to an equally woeful opening before, going 4-8 in their first dozen games. Sinking feeling? Maybe. Except, I think you'll find that 2001 season turned out not too badly for the Diamondbacks. So, still time to turn this ship around - I think the poor run happening at the start of the season has magnified its impact. I certainly doubt we've ever had a year without a 3-7 streak somewhere in it.

The game is not on TV. Allegedly, this is because the start time conflicts with the Fox Game of the Week, but we all know the real reason, which is that the FCC won't allow the showing of explicit, graphic incompetence before 9pm [C-Span has an exemption]. Mind you, since I am going to be at work anyway, it's not of great importance. Indeed, it will likely save me from gouging out my eyeballs with a spork - the likely result if we deliver another performance like last night's. Lincecum for the no-hitter, anyone?


  1. Ojeda SS
  2. Jackson LF
  3. Lopez 2B
  4. Tracy 1B
  5. Reynolds 3B
  6. Young CF
  7. Montero C
  8. Upton RF
  9. Davis P