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Gameday Thread, #6: 4/12 vs. Dodgers


Randy Wolf
LHP, 0-1, 6.75


Dan Haren
RHP, 0-1, 1.29

So be faithful to yourself, believe in your vision
The end of your fight is nearly finished - don't give up now
It's the time for a new start, based on your faith
All you need is a strong will, to recreate the Earth
-- Funker Vogt, Words of Power

After last night's slaughter, I think the above are words to live by today. It's probably way too early in the season to declare any game a 'must win', but to drop consecutive opening series, at home, against divisional rivals, would be... Let's just say, not quite the start we want. The good news is, Haren was easily the best of our starters the first time round the rotation, allowing only a solo shot to Troy Boy to spoil seven thoroughly dominant innings. He still took the loss, but that was more the fault of the offense, giving him exactly zero runs of support. Wolf, meanwhile, was about what you'd expect from a back of the rotation guy in his first outing, allowing four runs in 5.1 innings and taking the loss in San Diego.

The real question is, which offense will show up? The unstoppable force, or the immovably abject? Overall, the team is on pace to score almost exactly the same number as last season (713 vs. 720), but it has been all feast or famine for the Diamondbacks. Thus far, we either score two runs or less, or nine - there's absolutely no middle-ground at all. I vote for that streak to come to an end today, and think five runs will be enough to get Haren into the win column, even with the severe shakiness of the bullpen thus far (17 innings pitched, 16 earned runs...).

Sunday is guest recapper day at the SnakePit. Ok: Saturday was guest recapper day too, but that was more of a one-off, caused by a visit from German industrial demi-gods. Throughout the season, Sunday's games will be brought to you by a variety of voices, including some promising rookies who are getting their arms tried out. We start, however, with a veteran presence [and I mean that in a positive, calming way rather than the usual rally-killing one] in the shape of Snakecharmer. Me, I'll be about, but will be celebrating the religious festival in my usual solemn, reflective tone i.e. stuffing my face with chocolate. Remember, kids: the Easter Bunny died for your sins.


  1. F. Lopez 2b
  2. C. Young cf
  3. S. Drew ss
  4. C. Jackson lf
  5. M. Reynolds 3b
  6. E. Byrnes rf
  7. C. Tracy 1b
  8. C. Snyder c
  9. D. Haren p