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Arizona 4, Mexico 19: Remember the... What was it again?

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MLB Florida and Arizona Spring Training - SB Nation

The Diamondbacks found themselves on the receiving end of the biggest massacre inflicted by Mexicans on American soil, since the one involving Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett. I am thus reluctant to spend much time on this (no-)contest, as it would be less of a recap than an autopsy report. I will therefore confine myself - much as happened at the Alamo - to a series of bullets...

  • Brandon Webb allowed an unearned run in the first, but then five runs in the second inning, the big blow a three-run homer off the bat of Jerry Hairston on a curveball. However his forearm - which caused him to miss the previous start - felt fine. It was mostly adrenaline, he said. “I felt like I got under the ball a little bit. I think that had to do with me rushing to the plate and trying to get it there. Probably goes back to the adrenaline and stuff. I felt good. Just probably didn’t get on top of the ball like I wanted to.”
  • He was bailed out by Scott Schoeneweis with one out in the second, and our projected LOOGY went much further, going 1.2 scoreless inning. Chad Qualls followed with a scoreless fourth. That was the last pretty line as far as our pitchers are concerned
  • Esmerling Vasquez pitched two, but it appears he was replaced by a shadow people version of himself between the fifth and sixth:
      5th inning: three batters faced, all retired on strikeouts
      6th inning: eight batters faced, four hits (including two homers), two walks and six earned runs.
  • He was bailed out by Bobby Korecky who got the final out, but then allowed two runs of his own in the seventh. Leo Rosales then did a good impression of Vasquez, pitching a scoreless eighth but getting slapped silly in the ninth, giving up five earned runs. For the third time, an AZ pitcher had to be rescued in the middle of the inning, Jon Coutlangus recording the last two outs.
  • Mark Reynolds made the first-inning error that led to an unearned run. Pedro Ciriaco bookended things with a ninth-inning error that also led to an unearned run.
  • Justin Upton had a pair of doubles, while Reynolds pretty much covered all the bases we expect from him - in addition to the error, he also had a walk, a strikeout and a home-run. Chris Roberson also had a hit and a walk, while Chris Snyder walked twice.
  • On the base-paths, Even Frey was caught stealing, while Arizona had a run taken off the board in the fourth, because Chad Tracy failed to touch a base I know he's not familiar with third, but that's going a little far.

Elsewhere, Colorado picked up their first win of spring... However, as it was in a 'B' game against the Diamondbacks, it doesn't actually count. We went down 5-0, but Jon Garland pitched two scoreless innings, despite apparently suffering some mechanical problems. "We'll get it worked out... I need to feel more on my back knee, my back thigh, that drive [and] that way I know my arm is where it needs to be, and it's going right to the zone. It's a matter of getting the work in and getting the pitches in. Right now, I seem to be throwing the ball well, but I'm still recognizing the mechanical flaws that I have right now."

The team have today off, presumably heading over the border for the return game against the Mexicans, which takes place in Hermosillo on Friday. I'd recommend the team perhaps stay away from the buffet.