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A D-backs + Stephen King Reading List

You may know that our new reliever, Tom Gordon, featured heavily in a book by Stephen King, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. In it, a girl gets lost on a hiking trip, and uses her idol, Gordon, to help keep her morale up as she tries to get out of the woods. King is a noted Red Sox fan, but looking over his bibliography, it seems that Gordon may not be the first Diamondbacks player to have been involved in one of Steve's works...

  • The Dark Tower - Tony Clark
  • Insomnia - Jon Rauch
  • Bag of Bones - Juan Cruz
  • The Chris Snyder trilogy:
    Dreamcatcher - before his little "accident"
    Misery - during
    Christine - afterwards...
  • Sometimes They Come Back - D.Baxter
  • Desperation - Russ Ortiz
  • The Running Man - Tony Womack
  • Silver Bullet - Chad Qualls
  • Firestarter - Matt Mantei
  • The Long Walk - Conor Jackson