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Gameday Thread: 2/27 vs. White Sox

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  1. Lopez, DH
  2. Ojeda, 2B
  3. Drew, SS
  4. Jackson, LF
  5. Tracy, 3B
  6. Clark, 1B
  7. Montero, C
  8. Parra, RF
  9. Frey, CF

Pitching: Garland for two innings, Rauch, Slaten and Coutlangus for one apiece, then Peguero for two, finishing with Schlereth and Zavada. No Webb: scratched due to "tightness/stiffness in his right forearm", according to Nick Piecoro.

Webb said that after having trainers “really digging in on it and trying to loosen up stuff” it feels considerably better today, and he doesn’t see any reason why he won’t be able to rejoin the rotation for his next scheduled start, Wednesday against Team Mexico. He doesn’t see it causing him any trouble with being ready for Opening Day, either, seeing as how there’s an extra week of spring training. “We’ve got so much extra time it’s not a big deal,” he said. How did it happen? “I don’t know if it was from throwing a few cutters there, messing around, or what, but it was there a couple of days,” he said. “Today was a lot better. I feel pretty good about it.”