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Gameday Thread: 2/26 vs. Cleveland

Well, 'Skins was supposed to have created this, but I amn't seeing it. So here goes with the second game as the undefeated D-backs take on Cleveland. It's supposed to be on the MLB Network, but that might not be until 2pm. Hard to say... Our line-up

  1. Lopez, 2B
  2. Drew, SS
  3. Young, DH
  4. Jackson, LF
  5. Upton, RF
  6. Reynolds, 3B
  7. Clark, 1B
  8. Snyder, C
  9. Roberson, CF

DH in effect today. Haren gets the start, going two with Davis behind him for the same. Septimo, Newby, Marte, Brown and Barnette to follow.