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Gameday Thread: Superbowl XLIII

The big day has finally arrived. The most important sporting event for the state of Arizona, certainly since the 2001 World Series. And if the Cardinals win, you could argue, ever [though you'd have to convince me otherwise]. i must confess to having some split loyalties in today's game: before moving to Phoenix, Mrs. SnakePit lived in Pittsburgh for several years, and going back a very long time, i used to be a Penguins fan when it came to hockey. I also have to say that i do have a sneaking enjoyment of the fact that the Diamondbacks are the only major Arizona sports franchise to have won a title.

I have deliberately been avoiding any significant coverage of the game for the past couple of days. As noted previously, I was beginning to suffer from a case of 'Enough, already!' so opted to impose my own media blackout. All the information I've gathered has been from sports talk radio - Chris wasn't well Wed + Thu, so I had to drive myself to work - and, as you can probably imagine, Colin Cowherd is hardly what I would call informative. I therefore am unable to offer any particular insights into the upcoming game, and would suggest you visit Revenge of the Birds if you want informed opinion and comment. This Gameday Thread will strictly be for uninformed opinion and comment. About the only rule is the usual one involving the right-hand margin: when you reach there, you are probably now beating a dead Quentin, and should probably move on. Potential topics for the thread between now and first pitch kickoff include the following.

1. So, what are you doing for the game? We're going up to Mrs. SnakePit's sister's house to watch the game there with her family. She's in the kitchen as I type this, beginning the process of cooking her famous Cuban rice 'n' beans, which will simmer nicely there until we leave, around 3 pm. Commenting from my end may be sporadic.

2. Game predictions. I guess you can do stuff like the score if you want. I'm tending to think more in terms of, how long it'll take after kickoff before the commentators use the word "underdogs" to apply to the Arizona Cardinals. And, of course, the most important prediction: which Superbowl commercial will prove to be the best? I expect comments and reviews of those as they unfold.

3. The half-time show. I think the last time we went to the in-laws for the big game was the year of Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. I certainly hope nothing similar happens this year, especially since Bruce Springsteen is doing the half-time show. Think of the children!

That's it. It's time to strap on the helmets, open a beer and dig into the potato chips. Go, Cardinals!