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Happy Thanksgiving

Here's a quick list of some of the baseball-related things, for which I'm thankful today:

  • The game itself. Elegant in its simplicity, but endlessly fascinating.
  • Jerry Colangelo, for having the vision and drive to bring baseball to the desert. I'd still have moved out here if there hadn't been a team, but I can hardly imagine myself supporting the closest team, the Padres...
  • The 2001 World Series. There are eight teams in baseball that have never won a World Series, and three more that last did so more than fifty years ago. For the Diamondbacks to do so in my first year living here was a gift beyond compare.
  • Chris: she shares as much of my passion for the game as possible, and tolerates the rest with endless patience.
  • The community here at the 'Pit, who have shared their knowledge (not just in baseball!), humor and love of the game in a way that never ceases to amaze me and be appreciated.
  • Blez and the rest of the SB Nation team, for building, maintaining and continuously improving the engine-room that powers this thing.
  • Honey-baked ham. Oops, how did that get on here? ;-)
  • The Diamondbacks organization. They're not perfect - no franchise ever will be - but they respect the fans and listen to them in a way that surpasses just about every team anywhere. 
  • The Diamondbacks' players. There are certain (un-named) players on certain teams, who make me wonder how fans of that team can look at themselves in the mirror. There's no-one like that in Arizona.
  • Hope. The feeling that 2010 is going to be better than 2009. That's something precious, which is not something every fan can say they feel.

I doubt there'll be much traffic on the site today, but if anyone cares to add to the list, please do so - you can also tell us what your day is going to be like. I'm currently awaiting the return of Mrs. SnakePit, who has gone to pick up her mother, and the turkey has just begun its slow-cooking process. Sorry, did I say "turkey"? I think Chris must have picked up a pterodactyl by mistake, going by the size of the beast. Anyway, various family members will be swinging by later, and we're going to have dinner out on the porch. This will be followed by the traditional groaning, complaining that we've eaten too much and falling asleep in front of the television.

Please have a happy, fun and safe Thanksgiving, and I'll see you tomorrow for the leftovers!