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Mark Reynolds and Justin Upton get some MVP love

While the anointment of Albert Pujols as the 2009 National League Most Valuable Player was the most foregone conclusion since, oh, probably Joe Mauer getting the American League trophy, there was some love shown for the Diamondbacks at the bottom of the ballot. Mark Reynolds finished equal 20th, getting one 8th, 9th and 10th place vote, to tie him with Yuniel Escobar and his fifth-place ballot [I'd like to thank Mrs. Escobar for taking part in this year's balloting]. And Justin Upton finished in 25th with a ninth-place vote.

A complete list of DIamondbacks to receive MVP votes can be found after the jump.

Player Year Points/Pos
Matt Williams 1999 269, 3rd
Jay Bell 31, 13th
Randy Johnson 21, 15th
Luis Gonzalez 12, 18th
Randy Johnson 2000 5, 17th
Luis Gonzalez 2001 261, 3rd
Curt Schilling 24, 10th
Randy Johnson 23, 11th
Randy Johnson 2002 127, 7th
Curt Schilling 53, 10th
Junior Spivey 8, 14th
Luis Gonzalez 2003 4, 25th
Randy Johnson 2004 7, 19th
Eric Byrnes 2007 43, 11th
Jose Valverde 19, 14th
Brandon Webb 15, 17th
Brandon Webb 2008 14, 17th
Stephen Drew 2, 26th
Mark Reynolds 2009 6, 20th
Justin Upton 2, 25th