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Make Your Pitch: The AL playoff teams want YOU...

Well, that was a phenomenal start to the post-regular season [shall we say], with the Twins pipping their way past the Tigers in extra innings of a winner-take-all playoff game. If the rest of the post-season is anything like that, we're in for a tremendous treat. This completes the American League post-season roster, with the Twins going on to face the Yankees, while the Angels take on the Red Sox [yes, again...] As in the NL, I invited the managing editors of each of the AL SB Nation sites to make a pitch to us neutrals, as to why they are deserving of support in the post-season. After the jump, you'll find their answers and a poll to decie who gets the Official SnakePit Endorsement.

We start with the Rev. Halofan from Halos Heaven, who got an early jump with this Fanpost promoting his Angels:

Top Ten Reason D-Backs fans should root for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the Playoffs:

  1. We handed you alphabetical possession of first place in baseball when we changed our name to "Los Angeles"
  2. Time to break out that Jason Bulger jersey
  3. Every Mike Sciosica victory is a twist of the knife in the Dodgers who fired him as their AAA manager
  4. Southwest Bias!
  5. We're an expansion team too, just like you
  6. Other than the Dodgers and the Rockies, we are the only postseason team who holds spring training in Arizona
  7. Relive those pleasant 2001 memories by watching US beat the Yankees in the ALCS
  8. If it is not us, then Boston will have no argument about being called "team of the decade"... barf...
  9. The Rally Monkey makes his offseason home in Lake Havasu City
  10. W.W.J.M.D.? (What Would John McCain Do?)

Next, Randy Booth peeps Over the Monster, and tells us why the Red Sox should be the objects of our affection for the next month:

Arizona fans, you desperately want to root for the Red Sox. Just look at all the history our two clubs share. That Josh Byrnes guy? Yeah, he was with us at one point. And remember when we almost traded Julio Lugo to you for Eric Byrnes? That was almost awesome.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: Curt Schilling. Massachusetts’ next Senator of the World! He won a World Series with you, and then he won two with us. Doesn’t that, like, automatically make us blood brothers?

So please, we need you, AZ. We want you.

Jesse, from the Twins' blog Twinkie Town, has not shown up, having narrowly escaped drowning after falling face-down in a puddle of adrenalin: Here's what he has to say on behalf of the Twins - oddly, not a mention of Jon Rauch.

It's the swan song for the Metrodome, the disgusting trap of a baseball field that it least one more under teflon skies of white, the technological marvel of the early 80's. It was supposed to be all over for the Twins four weeks ago. If you want a reason to cheer for the Minnesota Twins, you've got more than a fair share of bullet points:

  • How do you spell "Underdog" in the 2009 playoffs? M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A. 87 wins wouldn't have got it done in the AL East or West, but if the Twins win and you're pulling for them, I guarantee the payoff (both emotional and financial if you're into that kind of thing) will be that much greater.
  • A pair of All-American Joe's in both the Nathan and Mauer incarnations. I love those guys.
  • This is not a team of mercenaries or All-Stars--it's a team of leaders, veterans and role players, the way a team should be built.
  • Game 163 (2009 edition) was quite possibly the best "regular season" game I've ever seen. If you saw it and you're not affiliated with another AL squad, it's got to pull at your baseball heart strings just a little bit.
  • Have I mentioned Joe Mauer's sideburns?
  • The run for October was filled with disappointment, with Joe Crede and Justin Morneau being lost while the rotation has been patched together. Still heroes emerged in the form of Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel, Brian Duensing, Denard Span, Orlando Cabrera and...yes...Nick Punto.
There are sexier teams to cheer for. But for those of you to whom the underdog label appeals and for anyone who likes a storybook ending, cheer for the Twins.

Finally, Travis from Pinstripe Alley bravely takes up the task of pitching the Yankees. [I think he must be the inspiration for the hero in Thank You for Smoking... :-)]

Yeah, I know it won't work, but in the name of SBN brotherhood, here goes, in bulleted form:

- Don't you feel bad for us about the way the 2001 WS ended? Well, turn that pity into support!
- Root for another team with an injured sinkerballer.
- C'mon, who doesn't love Nick Swisher?
- It would drive Mets (and Red Sox) fans crazy.
- Get on the bandwagon before it gets crowded.
- Class acts like Jeter and Rivera.
- Enjoy watching a lock-down bullpen.