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Gameday Thread, #144: 9/9 vs. Giants


Doug Davis
LHP, 6-8, 4.58


Barry Zito
LHP, 9-16, 5.45 preview [opens in new window]

Doug Davis = staff ace. Not a sentence I expected to put together, but over the past 28 days, here are the ERAs of our rotation:
Doug Davis: 4,03
Randy Johnson: 4.11
Max Scherzer: 5.40
Dan Haren: 5.52
Yusmeiro Petit: 5.75
Brandon Webb: 6.59
Not exactly an overwhelming set, is it? Still, Davis has been the closest we have to stability, allowing two or three runs each of his past five starts. Based on that, he's not likely to shut out the Giants, but he should keep us in the game.

As for Zito, the best thing about him is, he's not Tim Lincecum: that, alone is a blessed relief. He has pitched a lot better of late, winning three of his last four starts and showing something like the form that San Francisco expected of him. However, his other outing was a 3.1 inning, eight-run disaster against the Reds. That's the Barry Zito I want to see tonight, and against Arizona this year, he is 0-2 with an ERA of 8.59, Here's to more of the same. I'll be around for this one, though at The Sets for IZW, so I'll be watching it mostly on Gameday. I believe this should mean Azreous is on the recap too, so I hope we have something pleasing for him to write about.