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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 23

Forgot to do this last night, so here you go. Gameday Thread will be up around 6:30 or so.

Week 23 Results

Championship Playoffs
dbacktom 3, Adriano Rosario's 7
Rosario benefited from Ethier feasting on AZ pitching: he scored ten runs and drove in eight, and the team batted a monstrous .363 overall. tom got all their points on the mound, with Santana's Win and eight K's helpful, but Hamels fanned 12 and Francisco saved two for Rosario.

The Fighting Amish 6, GregSchulteOverdrive 4
In a minor shock, #5 seed Amish moved into the semi-finals, at the expense of #4 seed Greg and despite totalling *one* home-run. Santana had a Win and 16 K's, while Capps saved two for them. Soriano had four homers for Greg and Volquez fanned thirteen.

Consolation Playoffs
AZ SnakePit 2, Ignatius J. Rallies 8
Rallies took control at the plate, sweeping the hitting categories, and then held on from the mound for an easy victory. Betancourt and Blake each homered twice for them, while Hardy did so for Snake. Buehrle's W and seven K's helped Rallies, who had a 2.51 ERA for the week.

Shenanigans 2.0 3, Desert Dingleberries 7
Granderson was the difference here, as his 10 Runs, two HR, five RBI and .444 BA gave all four categories to Desert. Greinke had a W and 16 K's for them too: Shen got two saves from Putz, and did post a 2.37 ERA, while Howard had three homers in a losing cause.

Week 24 Fixtures

Championship Playoffs
warlords (#1 seed) vs. Fightin Amish (#5)
Adriano Rosarios (#3) vs. 7-2 Offsuiters (#2)
5th place: GregSchulteOverdrive (#4) vs. dbacktom (#6)

Consolation Playoffs
douchebaggery (#7) vs. Ignatius J. Rallies (#10)
Desert Dingleberries (#9) vs. Crazy VIII's (#8)
11th place: AZ SnakePit (#11) vs. Shenanigans 2.0 (#12)

The big guns, after a week off, come out for the semi-finals, and ESPN will be covering the Adriano vs. 7-2 contest. Over five months of play and 220 categories, the teams were separated by only 1.5 points. Adriano have emphasized pitching and are 18-4-1 in Strikeouts to date: Offsuiters aren't far behind at 16-7. Offensively, HR could be a crucial category: Offsuiters have a record of 14-5-4 there, but Adriano are also solid, at 12-9-2.