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Gameday Thread, #139: 9/3 vs. Cardinals

Kyle Lohse
RHP, 13-6, 3.89


Doug Davis
LHP, 6-8, 4.59 Preview [Opens in new window]

Another afternoon game? What is this?

After the vast disappointment that was yesterday's game, it's a little difficult to get too charged up over today's outing, particularly looking at the numbers Lohse is putting up on the mound. However, he is in a slump of sorts. He's putting together good numbers, but the Cardinals have won only once in his last eight starts. In that span, he's gone eight innings twice and gotten NDs for his effort. So it'd be great if we can continue that.

For our number, Doug Davis will take the mound. After some rough starts at the beginning of August, Doug has looked better his past few go-rounds, giving us our only win in the Dodgers series, though that should properly be attributed to the offense.

Looking at the lineup, I note that Justin Upton is on the bench again- still no word of any diagnosis, but I'd guess the headaches are still bugging him.

Just about ten minutes before first pitch here, so I'll post this quick. Let's go, D-backs!