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Gameday Thread, #162: 9/28 vs. Rockies


Ubaldo Jimenez
RHP, 12-12, 4.13


Randy Johnson
LHP, 10-10, 4.11 preview [opens in new window]

This afternoon will be the last we'll see of our Arizona Diamondbacks for five months, until they show up again in late February for spring-training. It's the last chance we have to make sarcastic comments about Snyder's testicle, Ojeda's height or the Big Unit's haircut. Make the most of it.

Johnson makes his eighth attempt at notching win #295, having gone 0-2 in the previous seven attempts. Though he himself hasn't said an enormous amount on the topic, it seems everyone else is keen to see him come back next season and get to 300 victories with Arizona. I'd be fine with that: 180 innings and an ERA+ comfortably above 100, his totals from this year, would be perfectly acceptable from our #3 starter, assuming he doesn't demand a silly salary, and I don't think he's that dumb.

We fared a lot better against Jimenez last time than in the pair of 2007 encounters, where he allowed four runs in 13 innings against Arizona. On August 12, he was knocked around for eleven hits in six frames of work, though that only led to four runs somehow. We'll be looking to see if Jackson can keep his average at or above .300 - 1-for-3 or 2-for-anything should do the trick - and, though it's a stretch, perhaps Reynolds can drive in the three runs necessary to reach 100 RBI for the year. Attention will also be elsewhere, to see what happens with the Mets and Phillies, as well as on Lincecum's last start for the Giants, which starts at almost the same time as this game.

I probably won't be about for the early part, as we have to scurry around on various lucha-related tasks before heading to The Sets. Should be there in time to enjoy the last few pitches of Diamondbacks baseball in 2008. Let's see if they can finish strong, nail down a winning record and leave us with good memories for the long, dark winter months.