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Gameday Thread, #161: 9/27 vs. Rockies


Glendon Rusch
LHP, 5-5, 5.08


Brandon Webb
RHP, 22-7, 3.24 preview [opens in new window]

Aw, what a shame: we don't get to tee off against Greg Reynolds, whose ERA is the worst in the majors of any pitcher with a dozen or more starts. Not that Rusch is exactly much better, and we had no trouble last time we faced him, tagging him for the loss and scoring five times off Rusch in only 4.2 innings. More of the same today would be pleasant. Of course, the most important thing in today's game is:


As our ace goes for the victory that would, in all likelihood, seal a second Cy Young for him. It would mean that no pitcher in the National League could come within five victories of our staff ace, and while there are certainly other factors which should be taken into consideration, history has shown that it's very rare - if not impossible - for a pitcher with such a dominating lead not to be awarded the Cy Young.

Not sure of my location for this one. Mrs. SnakePit is out and about right now, promoting our lucha show tomorrow [we have midgets!], and I'm sure that some kind of dinner will be in our future. But what, where and when is entirely up in the air at the moment. I'll be commenting, as available.