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Gameday Thread, #157: 9/23 vs. Cardinals


Randy Johnson
LHP, 10-9, 3.99

Kyle Lohse
RHP, 14-6, 3.76

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Having been far too distracted by gazing into my crystal ball, scrying the 16th-century auguries for omens of the coming games, this is therefore going to be pretty brief. This is definitely the game where I am least confident, and coupled with the Dodgers' far easier task against the Padres tonight, it's important to realize that falling three games behind by the end of the evening would not be the end of the world. I would be very happy to still be two back: and if we can somehow end the night one down...

Earlier this month, Johnson was smacked around by the Cardinals, having to be pulled before completing four innings, and eventually being tagged for five earned runs. He did skip the start after the St. Louis game, due to a sore left shoulder, and we will be looking for better than that tonight - such as the two outings since, where the Big Unit has allowed only a pair of runs over 13 innings of work. He has had five straight no-decisions, the longest streak in his career since getting seven NDs over 1996-97. There can't be many pitchers who have won five straight, lost five straight [six, actually] and had five consecutive no-decisions in the same season!

I'll be at The Sets tonight, but should be able to follow the game on and off. We'll also be following the Dodgers game, which starts at 7:10pm, and the penultimate start of Tim Lincecum for the Giants, with first pitch there at 7:15pm.