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Gameday Thread, #156: 9/22 vs. Cardinals


Brandon Webb
RHP, 21-7, 3.26

Todd Wellemeyer
RHP, 12-8, 3.66

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We're on our own today: no need to worry about the idle Dodgers, but that doesn't make the game any less important. A victory is, if anything, even more crucial since we can't rely on the baseball largesse of others to help us out by beating LA. A win would leave us only two back; on the other hand, defeat sends Arizona three behind. With only six games left, that is a very significant difference.

St. Louis hasn't been a happy hunting ground for Webb - he's winless in three starts, with an ERA of 6.75. However, his last appearance there was back in July 2007 and the Cardinals have been pretty bad of late, losing fourteen of their last twenty to destroy any hope they had of post-season play. St. Louis have struggled offensively, scoring only 3.64 runs/game in the past 25 games - looks like they used up all their hits in an 18-3 clubbing of the Braves on August 22nd. Mind you, our average over the same time is 3.63 runs/game, but we knew that...

Wellenmeyer hasn't been bad - three quality starts in his last four outings - but let's be honest, Webb has a lot more to play for. Not just to get a victory for his playoff-chasing team, but also to boost his own chances of a Cy Young. A win would increase his lead to five in that category, though Lincecum will have two starts left - and, for obvious reasons, we'll be wishing Timmeh very well in his final start against the Dodgers, unless it's all over by that point.

Awkward start time: things will just be getting going, when I have to leave and head home. I'll be following the game very closely from there: if this isn't a "must win" game, it's very, very close to it. Go, D-backs. Let's hope we didn't use up all our runs yesterday in Colorado.