The Stretch

Date D-backs Dodgers
@ St. Louis vs. San Diego
22nd WIN OFF
25th Davis vs Pineiro Maddux vs Peavy
vs. Colorado @ San Francisco
26th Haren vs Cook Kuroda vs Hennessey
27th Webb vs Reynolds Lowe vs Cain
28th Johnson vs Jimenez Billingsley vs Lincecum
Division Playoff [if necessary]
29th Scherzer vs. Kershaw

Probably updated for the final time, as odds are the Dodgers will clinch tomorrow.

Looking at this schedule is quite encouraging for the D-backs. I think we have the edge in three of the four games in St. Louis and two of the three against Colorado. Meanwhile, I can very easily see the Dodgers losing to Peavy, Cain and Lincecum. Drop one of the other three, put that together with our five wins, and it would result in a tie - leading to a one-game playoff on the Monday in Los Angeles, pitting the two phenoms against other, Kershaw vs. Scherzer.

Game One of the NLDS would be October 1st, with Dan Haren starting if Arizona made it. Who the NL West champions face depend on who wins the Wild Card: if the Mets or Phillies get it, they play the Cubs and the West would face the winner of the NL East. If the Brewers take the Wild Card, the D-backs or Dodgers would meet the Cubs - this time, they'd have home-field advantage.

It should be a lot of fun this week. Feel free to chip in with your thoughts, comments, hopes and expectations. I'm going to update this chart each morning with the results of the night before, so it'll be sitting at the top of the page until this thing gets way or another!