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Gameday Thread, #155: 9/21 vs. Rockies


Dan Haren
RHP, 15-8, 3.24


Greg Reynolds
RHP, 2-7, 7.42 preview [opens in new window]

Just a quickie, having sprawled longer in bed this morning than intended, catching up on Tivo'd stuff. Looking at this pitching match-up, we should have no problem getting the win and the series victory this afternoon, given the Reynolds hasn't pitched into the third inning either of his last two starts, allowing fourteen earned runs in just 3.1 frames. Crucial word there: "should." I don't have a great deal of confidence on our ability to hit anyone, probably connected with us averaging barely three runs per game in the past month.

Haren had the best game of his career in his previous appearance, throwing his first ever complete-game shutout against the Giants, striking out twelve batters. That was a sharp return to form after back-to-back wobbly outings, so we'll see if he has properly righted the ship. Should be about for most of this one, though I think we have to get past some crescent rolls, coffee and the Sunday papers first.