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Gameday Thread, #152: 9/18 vs. Giants


Tim Lincecum
RHP, 17-3, 2.43


Randy Johnson
LHP, 10-9, 4.11 preview [opens in new window]

First off, at time of writing, I don't know if Cox has fixed the cable at home yet. It's probably best to assume not - so unless I pop up in the comments tonight, if someone can take care of the recap again, it'd be appreciated. Everything is scheduled to be repaired, but knowing what home service is like, I am not holding my breath they will show up in the window promised by Cox, never mind fixing the issue. [Late update: the word is that the tech has arrived and solved the problem - a bad external cable - so that's a step forward. However, I'm not promising anything till I get home and can verify it's all good!]

Also, you may have noticed a new button at the bottom of some posts - 'Buzz Up'. If those of you with Yahoo! account [which would include fantasy league players] could take a second to click on these buttons when you see them, that'll help promote the story, and hence the site. Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated. ;-)

A good win last night, showing some fortitude in coming back from a three-run deficit, with Webb shutting it down and two - count 'em, two - hits with runners in scoring position. Admitedly, one was by Webb, and we're still only 4-for-51 with RISP on this homestand, but we will take it and move on. We need another victory, thanks to the Dodgers squeaking past the Pirates in 12, but Timcecum is 2-0 with a 2.38 ERA against the Diamondbacks this year. Among those with more than three PAs, CoJack is the only one to be having any success, being 5-for-14 with three double. Mark Reynolds is 2-for-7 and has a couple of walks too.

Johnson has been stuck with four no-decisions in a row, despite three quality starts in those outings. Last time out, he allowed one run over six innings, though the strikeouts were uncharacteristically low, at three. Given the importance of a win tonight, both to keep our momentum going and to help Webb towards a Cy Young, narwhals will continue. What I really want to have a picture of a narwhal...with St. Penelope riding on its back. Ideally, wearing a metal bikini and waving a sword, like some kind of aquatic Valkyrie - but that's probably just me then. Instead, we'll just go with this one.