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Gameday Thread, #148: 9/14 vs. Reds


Johnny Cueto
RHP, 8-13, 4.77


Max Scherzer
RHP, 0-2, 3.00 preview [opens in new window]

Well, see Friday's Gameday Thread for my thoughts on Cueto, whose start against us was pushed back to today. He basically shut us down in his debut, but the rest of the league has handled him with a good deal less trouble. Let's hope that our scouting reports are now a little more exhaustive, and we can deal with him accordingly. Meanwhile, Scherzer finds himself facing another young phenom, after Kershaw last time out, and is still looking for his first victory in the major-leagues. He pitched well enough last Sunday, striking out eleven in five innings last time on the mound, but ended up getting a no-decision.

I should be almost entirely about for this one, or at least a great deal more than I have been the previous couple of days. I have a couple of review to write [do not see Bloodrayne 2 - and I speak as someone who didn't mind the original as much as most people] and will also be continuing the ongoing process of clearing out the closet. To our shock, there was a Yankees jersey in there, I suspect a souvenir from a trip to New York, prior to the establishment of the Diamondbacks. I quite like the idea of popping it on the barbecue and ceremonially incinerating it. Either that, or mailing it to Switzerland for use in the LHC.