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Gameday Thread, #145: 9/10 vs. Giants

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Dan Haren
RHP, 14-8, 3.41


Brad Hennessey
RHP, 1-1, 12.46 preview [opens in new window]


So, we sat up to one a.m., waiting for the world to end, gurgling down a great cosmic vortex, in what can only be a metaphor for the Diamondbacks' season. Yet even that simple pleasure eluded us. Damn Large Hadron Colliders. Last night, it looked like we had a chance to get back within 1/2 game of the Dodgers, with us leading and Los Angeles losing in the second halves of thei respective games. But the implosion of first Peña and then Rauch, couple with the Dodgers' comeback, reversed the polarity, crossed the streams and reduced our playoff chances to 18.3%. And I suspect I'm not the only person who feels that figure is over-optimistic.

Rauch's comment after the game was forthright, yet plaintive. "I don't want to talk about it. If you think I'm going sit here and talk about how (expletive) up I've been pitching, how I keep making mistakes left and right and it keeps putting this team farther and farther out of playoff contention... I really just don't know what to do right now." It's not his fault Melvin keeps using him in high-leverage situations, but really, putting someone with an ERA of 9.72 over the past three weeks, into the ninth inning of a tied-game? Rauch has now an 0-5 record in his past 10.1 innings. Well done! You must get up very early...

But I can't quite bring myself to give up on the season yet. Dan Haren starts today in a game that is, basically, a must-win. I'll close with Chris Snyder's rallying call:

We've just got to get back to scratching and clawing to get back in it. It's not over. The season is not over. There's still plenty of baseball left to be played. We've got to keep reinforcing that. We're not giving in, we've just got to keep battling. Something big will happen. Something will get going and the energy, the morale, everything will pick up in this clubhouse and that's when we'll take off.