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Gameday Thread, #137: 9/1 vs. Cardinals

Joel Piñero
RHP, 6-5, 4.83


Randy Johnson
LHP, 10-9, 4.02 Preview [opens in new window]

Seems kind of odd to have an afternoon game on a Monday, but it also seems odd that this is the first time we've seen the Cardinals all season, so maybe that averages out.

For the Diamondbacks, Randy Johnson is set to take the mound and work on continuing his impressive post-All Star Break run- he's got a 1.82 ERA over 8 starts since then, and I think we all would like to see him carry that on. For the Cardinals, Joel Pineiro will take the mound. Pineiro hasn't actually started a game since August 16th, but he did have a decent month- four appearances in August gave him three Ws and a three inning save, though the save did come in an 18-3 demolishing of the Braves where he gave up 2 runs in the ninth inning.

A matter of some interest is the Diamondbacks debut of David Eckstein. Looks like he is playing second base today, as expected. A tad surprising, though, is his being placed second in the lineup, behind Stephen Drew, since Eckstein normally bats lead-off. Looks like Justin Upton is making his first start in right field since he's been back from the DL, with Adam Dunn taking position at first base.

The Cardinals are just barely on the edge of still being in contention for the Wild Card, and they didn't help their chances much by getting swept in Houston over the weekend, so they may have little to look forward to other than playing spoiler to someone else's playoff hopes. Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks should be well rested for this game- after all, they barely played the past two days, right?