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Gameday Thread, #136: 8/31 vs. Dodgers


Derek Lowe
RHP, 10-11, 3.81


Brandon Webb
RHP, 19-5, 2.96 preview [opens in new window]

This series hasn't exactly gone as expected, has it? Doug Davis beat Kuroda in the opener, while Dan Haren was, by all accounts, pretty mediocre in last night's encounter, and we went down without much fight. The result leaves the series in balance, and today becomes a game we would certainly love to win, as the difference between a 4.5 game lead, and one of only 2.5 games, is very significant, especially with only 26 games left for the Diamondbacks.

Still, no-one better suited than Webb to take the mound, as no-one has more wins in their career against the Dodgers - his ten beating Johnson (8) and Schilling (7). All told, he is 10-3 with a 2.54 ERA and, as noted previously, he hasn't lost to them in almost four years and since the end of 2004, he is 8-0 with a 1.19 ERA. His two starts against them this season were almost identical, each lasted eight innings and resulted in six hits and just one run. I think we'd happily settle for that again tonight, in front of a national TV audience, and definitely not the evil, pod Brandon who showed up in San Diego and blew chunks.

Of course, Ramirez vs. Webb will be interesting - they've never faced each other before, but Mandy has completely destroyed Arizona pitching since coming to Los Angeles. In five games for the Dodgers against the Diamondbacks, he is batting .727. No: that's not a mis-print. He is 16-for-22 with four home-runs, nine runs scored and seven RBI. Much as I hate the man ["Barry who?"], I have to confess a grudging respect for him: it's an interesting contrast to the 2-for-11 with no extra-base hits, walks or RBI he went against us when playing for Boston.

I'll be at The Sets, as we have a lucha show tonight: at time of posting, I am probably going to be at the airport, picking up our star guest luchador, Hijo de Psychedelico. However, I expect to be back in time for the game and will be posting copiously, in order to make up for my absence yesterday - I take the heavy burden of responsibility for the defeat on my shoulders there. I feel confident normal service will be resumed, and we will come away with the required victory, that will put us in good shape for September.