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Gameday Thread, #134: 8/30 vs. Dodgers


Chad Billingsley
RHP, 12-10, 3.15


Dan Haren
RHP, 14-6, 3.10 preview [opens in new window]

Well, that was a fascinating game last night, wasn't it? Some players got some hits, while others didn't. There was solid defense played at times, but it was occasionally not-so-good, and the pitching was a mixed bag as well. But someone did cross home-plate.

Er, it's kinda hard to write a Gameday Thread before the previous day's game has even started, but it's a necessity, since Saturday will see me locked away in the bowels of Chandler Cinema for about 16 straight hours - and I don't think they have wi-fi. We'll pretty much be heading out the door as soon as we rise, and I don't want to stay up and later than necessary Friday night; the recap there will prove more than adequate as a workload.

Hence, this extremnely generic Gameday Thread template. Go [insert name of team]! And in particular, go [insert name of star player]! Azreous is on the recap, so that usually results in something interesting happening - though not necessarily something good... I'll see you all on Sunday. once I've emerged, blinking, from the darkness.

[Edited by snakecharmer] Just a note, SBN is having another scheduled downtime at 11PM Pacific tonight. An early start shouldn't affect the gameday thread, but it might affect Azreous's recap.