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Gameday Thread, #134: 8/29 vs. Dodgers

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Hiroki Kuroda
RHP, 7-9, 3.87


Doug Davis
LHP, 5-8, 4.63 preview [opens in new window]

It's going to be an interesting weekend. See the series preview from earlier today for more analysis of the matchups, which I figured I should so, since I don't know exactly how much I am going to be about between now and Sunday night. I have, in fact, already written the Gameday Thread for tomorrow's contest, as it's one less thing I need to do tomorrow - we have our Fear Film Festival, and I don't think I am going to be online from about 9am for the rest of the day. I probably won't even know if Haren has managed to get the W until Sunday morning. Azreous is on the recap for that one.

Tonight, we'll be at the game, toting our new digital camera: this probably means that the post-game recap will be long on visuals and short on actual words. We're just hoping that there isn't a repeat of last night's storm, because the roof might end up getting blown off Chase Field. As long as it's happening due to the cheers of Diamondbacks fans inside, that's fine. There is word that Justin Upton may be activated in time for tonight, but what that might mean for everyone else in the line-up, Melvin isn't saying. Max Scherzer is reportedly also back up, presumably for use tonight in case Davis needs a quick hook.

A victory would be a great way to start off the weekend: only once have we lost more than four games in a row this season, and it hasn't happened since May. Putting some runs on the board early would be a big help, settling our nerves and, we hope, hammering another nail into the Dodgers' coffin. However, I will likely be more nervous if our bullpen enters the game with the lead, all the way until the final out is recorded. It's time to win.